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Rosemary Abrahams

Rosemary Abrahams studied painting at Leeds College of Art in the 1960’s.  Her work as a painter ran parallel for many years to her other career leading to a design studio with a worldwide client base.  While she continues to provide a design service for a select group of clients, her commitment and creativity is now devoted to her painting.

Landscape has always provided a strong influence and source of inspiration to Rosemary, recording the landscape of each of the locations in which she has lived and through which she has travelled.  She is also widely regarded as a landscape painter, using simple shapes to balance composition where the major concerns are with surface, colour saturation, texture, proportion, line and tone.

Rosemary cites Ben Nicholson, Terry Frost and the St. Ives School among her influences, also acknowledging Antoni Tapies, Mark Rothko and Robert Rauschenberg.  She exhibits widely in the North of England, London and the USA.  Her work is in collections worldwide.


 The scale of Rosemary’s work varies widely from ‘public’ canvases exceeding two metres through to intimate pieces, intense visual statements of no more than fifteen centimetres square.  The surface of her work is enriched by the use of a thick gesso ground which can be incised to create line work and permits the application of both colour washes and saturated colour.  The pieces are further enriched by the application of metal foils and pearlescent pigments.


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