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Rob Shaw

Rob Shaw was born in Ripley, Derbyshire in 1974.  After studying for an HND in Spatial Design at Newcastle College of Art he went to Middlesbrough University and graduated in 1998 with a First Class Honours degree in Interior Architecture and Design.  In 2006, having worked for several years as a Design Project Manager while enjoying growing success with his painting, he left his job to become a full-time professional artist.

in recent years, Rob has painted a wide range of subjects.  His fascination for architecture has led him to make a series of spectacular cityscapes based in cities around the world.  His painting ‘London from St Paul’s with White Van’ was hung at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition in 2012.  Another London cityscape featuring Wren’s iconic cathedral, ‘St. Paul’s London, Early Morning Light’  was selected for the Royal Academy Summer Show in 2013.


 A self-taught painter, Rob began painting when his family moved to Boulby, overlooking Staithes, in 1994.  The village, with its clusters of cottages balanced precariously against the elements, is the source of his inspiration.  He constantly sought new ways to depict the buildings and their ever shifting relationship with the winds, the tides, the storms and the light that envelop them.  His work exploits the variety of perspective offered by cliff top views and the winding paths climbing up and beyond the cottages.  Once seen these paintings are rarely forgotten but become ingrained in the viewer’s memory of the unique and resolute beauty of this place.

The breakwaters at Staithes continually resisting the assault of waves and storms have particularly inspired him as have the traditional boats along the North East coast.


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