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Darren Yeadon

Darren Yeadon began an apprenticeship in stone masonry in 1988.  Working for a small company in Whitby he acquired skills in quarrying, sawing, shaping stones by hand, carving, lettering, stone saw and machinery operation. Following this he travelled throughout the UK as a freelance letter cutter and carver.  In the early 1990’s he suffered a serious accident from which he made a slow but unexpected recovery.  The experience led to some big changes in his life.  He began work as a full-time sculptor, initially from a studio in Whitby but in 2003 he relocated to Carrara, Italy, in order to work with marble.  Two years later he returned to the UK to set up his present studio in Pembrokeshire.

Darren's work has been exhibited widely, including several commemorative stones in UK town centres; at the Gates of the Citadel, Tate Modern, London; Monk, Whitby Abbey; Jeem International Sculpture Symposium, Latakia, Syria; Solo Exhibition, Pannet Park, Whitby; Large Sandstone Crab, Pannett Park, Whitby.


 " I make sculptures because I believe that something has to be given back for what we take from life: a moment, a feeling.  The strategic logic and brilliant design of nature are things to be celebrated...... the medium alone is beautiful and well worth the investment of time and hard work to cut and shape the pieces of art....  whatever I make is going to be on this planet for a long time, in fact possibly forever."


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