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Mitch Bixley
AB Press

Mitch Bixley is a maker and printer who lives in Lincolnshire and is a frequent visitor to Staithes.  He uses coins, found items and silver to make jewellery.  He has created a collection of coastal cuts inspired by stylised seaside images, sailor tattoos and sea creatures. These are all hand cut from British silver coins or spoons.  He likes to cut things up every day and enjoys the creative process.

Mitch has collaborated with artists and designers as a maker and examples of his work can be found on or on Instagram at anarchobaldy.


Mitch is part of a small tradition of coin cutters across Britain and he uses these ubiquitous items to create objects of beauty and permanence.  People have used coins and silver as personal decoration for millennia from jewellery, love tokens, talismans and keepsakes.  His fascination is with who has handled that coin?  Who created this piece of jewellery?  What is their story?


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